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Barbie Club Chelsea Ice Cream Cart Doll & Playset

Chelsea doll and her friends love to take their pets outside, and the Barbie ice cream cart is perfect for two besties to spend a day outdoors. Chelsea friend doll and her adorable kitty can each have an ice cream cone -- pull the cones from the bin (its door opens and closes) or display them on the counter next to the register. Then get imagination rolling by placing the white kitty in the basket and moving the cart forward on its two big blue wheels. It's so cute with an umbrella, fun colors, silvery accents and decals with smiling frozen treats. Chelsea friend doll looks just as sweet in a pink top with ice cream cone, removable fabric yellow skirt with colorful print and pink sandals. Animal lovers can play out all kinds of fun stories with Chelsea friend doll and her pet friendly ice cream cart! Includes Chelsea friend doll wearing fashion and accessories, pet figure, ice cream cart and themed accessories. Colors and decorations may vary.

Barbie Club Chelsea Ice Cream Cart Doll & Playset Features

  1. Two ice cream cones and a popsicle look good enough to eat!
  2. It's designed in rich colors with silvery accents (like the handle and menu) and smiling frozen treats on the side
  3. This ice cream cart is a sweet ride: place the kitty in the basket and roll the cart forward on its two big blue wheels -- the umbrella will spin as the cart moves!
  4. Take Chelsea friend doll and her pet out for the day with play sets that bring outdoor fun to life!

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