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Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

Shut the front door! It's the fifth official expansion for Cards Against Humanity, featuring 75 brand-new white cards, 25 brand-new black cards, and blank cards for you to seamlessly add your own inside jokes to the game.

Reviews of Cards Against Humanity:

"Pretty amazing." - The Onion AV Club
"Best. Game. EVER." - Wil Wheaton
"An incredible game." - Mike "Gabe" Krahulik, Penny Arcade
"Uncontrollable laughter." - Kill Screen Magazine
"The game your party deserves." - Thrillist
"A game." - The Daily Beast

Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion Features

  1. First, Second, Third, and Fourth Expansions not required to play, though heartily recommended.
  2. Professionally printed on premium playing cards (100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity)
  3. 12 bonus blank cards (8 blank white cards and 4 blank black cards)
  4. 100 completely NEW cards (75 white cards and 25 black cards)

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