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HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy

Welcome to the next generation of HEXBUG nano, with a full throttle kick. A new take on an internationally beloved favorite, HEXBUG nano Nitro is juiced up and ready for action. Consider them to be everything you know and love about the nano V2, with a boost of speed. Scaling up tubes, around corners, and across the floor, HEXBUG nano Nitro is faster at covering more ground than ever. Collect them all in this special edition 5 pack with a bonus glow in the dark nano Nitro. Collect and pair with other Nitro bugs for high octane races, or watch them take a habitat set by storm. Available in multiple colors.

HEXBUG Nano Nitro 5 Pack Toy Features

  1. Surcharged speed,Gravity defying
  2. Vibration technology
  3. Ages 3 years and up
  4. Available in multiple colors

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